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Buy Nothing Re-Use Store
Your Local Zero Waste Roadmap
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Turn your community into a Buy Nothing, Get Everything Shareocracy! 
This document will get you started!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: We all know the 3 Rs, and some have more impact than others. Our personal favorite is: “Refuse,” meaning literally don’t buy it in the first place. After that, Reducing and Reusing is at the top of the list. 

This worksheet is a template that will help you to keep the materials that are in your community right there, and out of the landfill. Items can be reused by others who truly want them. This template is US-centric, if you’d like to create one that is more geared toward your country, please send it to us and we can share it here!

If you find this freesource useful, please consider supporting our work.  We are Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller, founders of the Buy Nothing Project and authors of The Buy Nothing, Get Everything Plan. Please preorder a copy of our book to help us continue our volunteer work to support this movement (and we'll send you a signed bookplate to show our gratitude)

This document is available as a PDF :(updated 1 March 2020)

This document is available as a Google Doc:

Click Here for the Google Doc

(updated 1 March 2020)

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