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Buy Nothing, Get Everything


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This page links you to our growing collection of Freesources, documents and images that can be used freely to foster Buy Nothing, Get Everything-style sharing in your neighborhood. 

If you find these useful, please support our volunteer labor to bring this movement to life by preordering a copy of our book. Your support of our written work this way will help us create more Freesources for the world to use. Thank you for your consideration. 


Links of our Freesources: 


What to Share During a Pandemic: A handy graphic that shows how we can support each other safely during this pandemic. 

Buy Nothing Community Re-Use Store - Your Local Zero Waste Roadmap: A template to bring producers and consumer of reusable items together in your community, and to provide people with local information about responsible recycling for items that can't be reused.  

Community Freesources Template: This template is a list of organizations, resources, and groups set up for the community that provide items and services for free. Some international Buy Nothing Project resources are already listed, just add your own local info. 


Buy Nothing Buyerarchy: This shareable graphic lists a host of Rs, going well beyond the classic Reduce-Reuse-Recycle trio, to inspire people to dig deeper and join the movement.  

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