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Mother's Day Celebration - Freely-Given Crowd-Sourced Community Cookbook

Family Comfort Food Recipes of Yore: A Quarantine Mother’s Day Celebration

We're thrilled to share a freely-given crowd-sourced Buy Nothing community cookbook with the world in honor of Mother's Day in the US. Click here to access this Freesource in Google Doc and PDF formats - it's filled with family favorites, and many of them can be made with ingredients that are still readily available during our current pandemic.

On May 5th, we put out this call on our Facebook pages and timelines:

"Good day, all! Co-founders, Liesl Clark Rebecca Rockefeller, here. We are working on a labor of love, a Mothers Day free downloadable cookbook with recipes of yore, that comfort food our mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers were so good at cooking up. Liesl's mother-in-law just passed away last week and Liesl's family miss her deeply in these times. We'd love to share some of Doris's recipes that were her way of taking care of everyone around her, the irresistible treats that kept grand children sneaking into her kitchen late at night to snitch delectables in secret. We are also inspired by a conversation we had in our forum with a member who shared her own family recipes collected over the years, which we'll be sharing as part of this recipe book, too. We'd love to create this shareable resource for all, and if you'd like to contribute recipes from your family, and even stories or brief profiles of your mothers/grandmothers to go along with the recipes, we'll include them in this freesource. It's a celebration of comfort food in a time of quarantine and a chance to honor the thriftiness and kitchen smarts of our foremothers. You can send your contributions any way that's easiest for you, a photo of a recipe can work, too. We will take your submission as permission to publish the recipe or photo in this Mothers Day freebook, with attribution to you and your loved one for your recipe. THANKS!"

And so many of you answered! We received recipes from Buy Nothing participants around the world, many with sweet stories and memories attached. Thank you so much to everyone who shared a recipe!

We hope you enjoy reading and cooking your way through this, and we hope you'll share it widely and freely. These days, we could all use some extra comfort and love. Here's a link straight to the Google Doc version. Visit our cookbook Freesources page if you'd prefer a PDF version.

With gratitude,

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