Our Book Giveaway Starts Tomorrow!

Our book will join the world in 7 days and we’d like to celebrate in gift economy style by giving 3 books away each day leading up to our book's birthday. The coming week will give you a taste of our book's 7-step plan to help you buy less, use up what you already have, share more, and live generously.

Our book has something for almost everyone, whether you’re into minimalism, zero waste, maximalism, frugality, or environmentalism. Each day’s challenge will be something you can participate in safely during this pandemic, in your own home with what you have on hand. Here’s an infographic that previews our 7 step program.

We had a book tour planned and were excited to meet up in person with Buy Nothingers this month...Alas, that is obviously not going to happen! So, we’ve created an independent forum here on our website, away from Facebook where people can chat with us about the ideas in our book. Membership is free and open to people around the world.