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Published April 14th, 2020

from the co-founders of the Buy Nothing Project,

a guidebook to help you Buy Nothing, Get Everything,

and Discover the Joy of Sharing More, Spending Less, 
and Living Generously

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"To truly understand a gifting economy is to understand that you are part of a movement committed to creating an alternative opportunity to share, support, and receive."
- LaTonya Baldwin, Michigan


"The neighborhood is a completely different place for me now. The people living amongst me are not strangers, but family. When we put connection first, and put people over profit, the results are kindness and gratitude.
In abundance." 
- Alexa Carey, Connecticut

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"A love letter to my fellow Buy-Nothingers...Thank you, group, the generosity and joy in gifting and/or using something extraneous to you give me hope that we are becoming more interconnected..." 

- Anna Debono, Queensland

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